And this is what we are making:


Make a beautiful blend with PI.
Tutorial: Copyright Inge Klement


PI Version: 10
Level: Intermediate
Featured tools: Transform Tool, Pick Tool, Selection Tool
Additional filters: None
Additional files: 2 tubes and 1 mask.
You'll get them in the zip-file.


I'm using one tube from Hans Paintshop Palace, and the second one is from Patry Mists & Tubes -
you are allowed to download them here and use them for your private use, 
but you are not allowed to change the name of the tubes,
delete the watermarks, offer them for sale or download
or use them for your own tutorials. 
The copyright belongs ALWAYS to the original artist/designer!
No copyright infringement is intended.


Remember to save often!


Before we start, you should open the masks, and store them into your Easy Palette. In case you need to freshen up your memory on how to save a mask into the EP - you can take a look at one of my other tutorials, where I explain a little bit more about how to use a mask in PI. You'll find the tutorial here.
Important - in my tutorials my masks fit the chosen background/object ... you achieve this by right clicking any mask inside the original category Mask Library in your Easy Palette. Now you choose the option Fit Mask. 

Very important: Do NOT merge the picture (tubes) before I tell you to do so! 

New Image, size: 600 x 400 Pixels, color: 110/75/82.    

Open the tube hjr_misted_dance, and c
opy (Ctrl+C) the tube (1) and paste (Ctrl+V) the copy on our main picture (2).
Close the original tube, the tube on the main picture should be activated.
Right click the tube/Properties/Position & Size (white hand), and set the Position to:
Left: - 58 (red arrow) and Top: 33 (white arrow).
Click OK and keep the tube selected.

Choose the Pick Tool (white hand), and change the Transparency to 45 (red arrow).
Deselect the tube (Enter).

Open the tube PatryMists_06_OnlyFace_56[1], copy (Ctrl+C) the tube and paste (Ctrl+V) the copy on our main picture.
Right click the tube on our main picture/Properties/ Position & Size (red arrow), and set the Position to:
Left: 353 and Top: - 5.
Change to General (white hand), and set the Transparency to 40% (white arrow).
Click OK, close the original tube and deselect the tube on our main picture (Enter).

Press 2 times Ctrl+D ... that will give you two extra duplicates of the picture we've made until now.
Minimize them for the moment, we need to work a little more on our main picture.

Open your Easy Palette/Libraries (white hand) and double-click the mask star3-invert (1), which you've downloaded, unzipped and stored into the EP. 
On the screenshot you can see that the mask applied on 
the image (2). 
Check that your background color is white (red arrow), and push 1 x the Delete button (alternatively - go to Edit/Fill/ Color and choose the Background color.) 
Keep the mask selected.

Right click and choose Convert to Object (white arrow).
Right click one more, and this time you choose Copy (red arrow).

Maximize one of the two duplicates we've made before, right click/Merge All, and then paste the copy of the converted mask on our 2.picture (2).
Merge All.
In the background you can see the picture (1) we've been working on before. You can close this one (1) now ... from now on we will work on the second picture (2).

Maximize the third duplicate we've made before, right click/Merge All, choose the Selection Tool (red arrow), and make three small selections (1 + 2 + 3 ) on the picture. 
Draw a selection as the one you can see on the screenshot (3). Drag the selection on your free working area (as I've done with 1 + 2), right click each little picture and Merge All. Expand each of the 3 little pictures equally with 1 Pixel in White.
Close the third duplicate, but keep the three small pictures on your screen.

Open our main picture (the one with the converted mask on it), copy and paste each of the three small pictures on this main picture. 
Choose the Transform Tool (white hand) and rotate the pictures as you like. You can do that by rotating them freely (red arrow), or rotate by degree (white arrow).

Place the small pictures as you like it - use the Pick tool (white hand)/Arrange and send them backward, bring them to front (red arrow), or else you like to arrange them.
Expand sides equally:
5 White + 1 (133/82/90) + 30 White +  2 (133/82/90).
Since we haven't Merged the picture yet, you still can rearrange the small pictures.

Merge All.


Add some text ... if you want to, ... and your blend is finished! :))



That's it! A beautiful blend ... made with PI, one mask and two tubes. HAVE FUN!!!



If you need any help with this tutorial - or want to make suggestions to improve it -
please email






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