PI Version: 8
Level: Intermediate.
Featured tools: Selection Tool, Outline Drawing Tool
Additional filters: None
Additional files: Flower picture. You can use mine for the tutorial ... you can get it here, but please remember the copyright is mine, and this picture should only be used for this tutorial and for private use.
Tutorial: Copyright Inge Klement



DESCRIPTION: Turn an ordinary photo into an "old looking" picture.


Remember to save often!


Open the picture tut1_photo.jpg and convert it to Grayscale. 
Now you have the original picture and the grayscale picture on your screen. Close the original picture. You will not need 
it anymore.

Convert the grayscale picture to RGB True Color (24-bit) so the filter will work. Close the grayscale picture, because we are going to work on the gray RGB picture from now on.

Go to Effect/Noise/Add Noise and use the options button on the next screen. Set the Distribution to Varied and Variance to: 10. These are the adjustments I used for my picture, so if you try this tutorial on another picture ... perhaps a portrait ... you should try different adjustments to find the ones which look best on your picture.

Go to Effect/Photographic/Diffuse Glow and use these settings:
Threshold: 15
Degree of glow: 8
Graininess: 6
Glow color: white (255/255/255)

As with the Add Noise filter, experiment with the adjustments until you find one you like.

To colorize the picture, go to Format/Hue & Saturation and check the Colorize box. Experiment with the adjustments to find one you like. For the flower picture I used:
Hue: 180
Saturation: - 33
Lightness: 20

The next step is to make a selection with the Lasso Tool around the flowers. Right Click and soften the selection with 20 pixels. Don't get too close to the outside of the picture, it would show in your result.
Right Click/Convert to Object.

Open a new image. For my flower picture I opened one sized 566 x 472 pixels with a white background.
Copy the converted object and Paste into the new image. Go to Object/Align/Center Both or just Right Click on the object and Align/Center Both.

Use the Outline Drawing Tool/Rectangle to make two white 3D Round borders for the picture. Set the Outline to 3. You can see the location of the borders on the picture below.

The last step is to add shadows to the borders. Experiment with different variations. For this picture I used:
Color: Black + 5.altern.
Transparency: 90
Shadow size: 99
Soft edge: 10

Right Click/Merge All and save your picture.

That's it! This technique isn't difficult at all and easy to achieve with PhotoImpact 8. You can do this tutorial with earlier versions of PI, but then you have to find a 3rd-party plug-in to use instead of the diffuse glow filter. HAVE FUN!!!



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