PI Version: 8
Level: Beginners
Featured tools: Selection Tool
Additional filters: Filters Unlimited 2.0 and Simple Filters
Additional files: Picture ... I've used a flower picture from Beryls Free Photographs. You can get the picture for this tutorial also here.
Tutorial: Copyright Inge Klement



DESCRIPTION: Make background tiles with PI, Filters Unlimited 2.0 and Simple Filters. This tutorial has 3 parts, because I explain  different ways to make background tiles. 


Remember to save often!


Open the picture and make a selection with the Selection Tool/Square. 
Try to make the selection as you can see on the screenshot (only pink colors), right click /Convert to Object and drag it into your working space.

Go to Effect/I.C.NET Software/Filters Unlimited 2.0/Distortion Filters (in my case this filter is called FU_Distortion Filter, because I renamed all original FU filters) /Cracked.
For this example I used the standard adjustments: Intensity: 64

Click the Apply button.
Go to Effect/Simple/Quick Tile and your tile will be seamless.
Right Click/Properties and set the Transparency to 50%.

Now we use the Edit/Fill command or you can use Ctrl+F. I used the Eyedropper Tool to pick a light color from the tile ... here I used 247/168/198, with a Transparency of 50 %. 

Now go to File/Preview in Browser/As Tiled Background. The result should look like the one to the left. (Of course only if you used the same photo as I did, and used the same settings too!)

That's it! This technique isn't difficult at all and easy to achieve with PhotoImpact and the used filters. In the second part we shall use the same tile as basis, change the color of the tile and also the pattern. HAVE FUN!!!




If you need any help with this tutorial - or want to make suggestions to improve it -
email me!






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