PI Version:
Level: Intermediate 
Featured tools: Quick Command Panel, Transform Tool, Pick Tool, Selection Tool or Color Range
Additional filters: None
Additional files: Picture ... you can use mine for the tutorial ... you can get it here, but please remember the copyright is mine, and this picture should only be used for this tutorial and for private use.
Tutorial: Copyright Inge Klement



DESCRIPTION: Using the Lighting Gallery, this tutorial will show you how to make a messy background disappear or to give your picture a special light effect.


Remember to save often!


Open the picture tut7_photo and make a copy (Ctrl + D). Close the original, we will work on  the copy for now on. 
Go to Selection/Color Range, and select the flower. If you prefer you can also use the Selection Tool/Lasso or even the Magic Wand Tool.

As you can see in the screenshot to the left, I used the Mask mode (red arrow) to clean up my selection. Remember to focus in on the object you want to highlight (here it is the flower). 
When you're satisfied with your selection, right Click/Convert to object. Move your new object to the working space for the moment and click again on your main picture. Go to Edit/Undo Before and go back before you used convert to object. If your selection isn't perfect, Right Click/Shrink with 1 or 2 pixels. Afterwards Right Click again and Invert. 
Go to Effect/Blur/Gaussian Blur: 4 and afterwards to Effect/Photographic/Spot Filter: Grain Spot Filter and use these settings: 58/60/61/48
Color: 190/126/143 

Now open your Easy Palette/Lighting Gallery /Halo 5, Right Click/Modify Properties and Apply. This window should show up and apply these settings twice:
60/30/80/5 /20
Body color: 204/153/204
Glow Color: 153/51/51
Sun color: 204/153/153
Ambient light: white: 60
Advanced: 0/10/247/50
Inverse multiply

Remember to use the Lighting Gallery/Halo 5 with those settings twice!
Use the Quick Command Panel and click 1x the minus for the Brightness.

Click on the flower object to activate the picture. Go to Format/Posterize and set the Level to 6. Click the OK button, copy the flower (Ctrl+C or right click/Copy or Edit/ Copy) and paste into the main picture. 
Place the object on the flower in the picture. If you have problems with the placement, right click/Properties and set the Transparency to 50 - 60%. Now it's easy to place the object exactly, and afterwards you can change the Transparency back to 0%. 

Duplicate the flower, move the duplicate to the right of the main flower and reduce this flower with the Transform Tool/Resize as you like. (I rotated also the flower some degrees at the same time.) Right click your new flower/Properties and set the Transparency to 52. Use the Pick Tool/ Arrange (red arrow) and send this flower behind the main flower. 
Duplicate the main flower one more time, reduce the size, rotate the flower as you like, set the Transparency to 41 and use the Pick Tool/Arrange/Bring to front for this flower.
Merge All.

That's it! Another way to change the background for messy pictures or just to give your pictures a special look. HAVE FUN!!!



If you need any help with this tutorial - or want to make suggestions to improve it -
email me!






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