PI Version: 8
Level: Intermediate
Featured tools: Selection Tool
Additional filters: Filters Unlimited 2.0, Simple Filters
and Vismans VM Filters
Additional files: Picture ... I've used one from BrazilianNature Free Photos. You can get the picture for this tutorial also here.
Tutorial: Copyright Inge Klement



DESCRIPTION: You don't have to have the program Filters Unlimited 2.0 to follow this tutorial, you can go directly to the filters we need by using for example ... Effect/VM Extravaganza. But if you want to give Filters Unlimited 2.0 a try, you can read how to install and use filters within this program in one of my other tutorials tut_002
This tutorial has 2 parts ... in the second part I want to show you different tiles I've made after this tutorial. :))


Remember to save often!


Open the picture tut012_photo and make a selection with the Selection Tool (red arrow) /Square (1). 
I haven't fixed the size for the square this time (as I did for tut_004) ... it's up to you how big your tile will be, but I tried to make the selection inside the flower. 
Right Click/Convert to Object (2) and drag your new object into your working space.

Go to Effect/All/Creative Warp, and use the Pattern template: 5 (red arrow). 
Click the OK button.

For this tutorial I thought we could use another method/tool to change the color of our tile.
Go to Effect/All/Duotone Effect and click the Enable sepia effect colors and range box (red arrow). Click on the button marked with 1, to change the color for the tile. If you want you can do the same to the button marked with 2. With the Add this effect to the Easy Palette button (3) you can save your settings in the EP. 
Click the OK button.
Go to Effect/Simple/Quick Tile. Right click/
/Properties and set the Transparency as you wish. For background tiles I usually set the Transparency between 50 and 90%.

Now go to File/Preview in Browser/As Tiled Background. The result should look like the one to the left. (If you used the same photo and settings I did!)

That's it! That was another easy way to give your background tiles another color. If you want to see other tiles I have made using Filter Factory filters, take a look at the 2.part of this tutorial for inspiration. HAVE FUN!!!




If you need any help with this tutorial - or want to make suggestions to improve it -
email me!






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