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Background pictures by cybrea-stock.deviantart.com  / Tubes by www.butterflywebgraphics.com

These tutorials are written especially for 
PI-users with VERY good (intermediate plus) knowledge of this program.

I'm going to use masks - different ways;

there will be good use for the Layer Manager;

I'm not giving exact positions for elements, or tubes - 
(only if there is a special reason for it) 
so you have to use your imagination, and your knowledge to redo these tutorials.

There will be just a few, or none screenshots - 
so these tutorials are not really written for beginners.

You also have to download the material directly from different homepages -
but be warned before you start ... *LOL* ... 
you'll find so many beautiful stuff on these pages - I'm still downloading. :))  

Last, but not least -
these tutorials are ment as an inspiration ...
it's up to you what you make out of them.

And now - let's start and have fun!!!




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