Here you will find links to other homepages, groups, interesting software, filters, presets, masks and all kind of different stuff you can use in your PI. I do try to update this pages in between, but since I have a private live too, there might be one or another link that isn't working. I would really appreciate if you could write me an email about it ... and I will change/delete the link as soon as possible. THANKS :)) 


I've put on a list list with the names of different filters I'm often using, and a link where you can download each filter. Most of them are freeware, but be aware ... not all of them!

List to all kind of font sites ... here, as also with all the other stuff, make sure the files you are downloading are freeware and not shareware. Some might be cardware, or something like that, but it's always best to read the rules before you use anything you find on the internet.

List with different homepages where you can download masks. Most of them are for PSP, but that isn't really a problem because you easily can use them in PI too. 
Just remember ... in PI all masks have to be converted into grayscale pictures!

Links to different groups, boards which are mainly dedicated to PI. Some of them are also for other graphic programs, such as PSP and PS.

I've collected some interesting links for PI-presets, and some for SuperBladePro and BladePro.

My other homepages ... or if there ever will be ... homepages from my family.


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